Adam Mcelligott


TRESemmé is a well-known American brand of haircare products owned by Unilever. Named after Edna Emmé - a famous stylist; their products are sold in retail stores all over the world. Targeted at hair salons, the brand is recognised as being 'professional, affordable'.


Inline with the new look, we had to rethink the navigation. There are two ways users can find the right product, either via 'PRODUCTS' to search for a type like shampoo or conditioner, or via 'SOLUTIONS' to find a need like fixing dry scalp or damaged hair. We also re-thought the interactions on smaller screens to accompany this complex dropdown cluster. The user is given a top level of five choices before being presented with the next screen of options. This means the tap areas are large enough to minimise user error (nobody wants to be taken to the wrong page).

UI Elements

In the process we created dozens of custom UI elements for contact forms, sign ups and checkout widgets. This, along with a reformed styleguide has become the new TRESemmé digital identity.